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Return to the moon. Max Polyakov and Firefly Aerospace from NASA's moon list

years in the past, July 20, 1969, American astronauts Neil Armstrong and Edwin
"Buzz" Aldrin landed on the moon for the first time in human history.
It was the 11th manned flight to Earth's pure satellite tv for pc inside NASA
The Apollo Program, which was authorised by the US Authorities in 1961 and lasted 14 years

was made during the Apollo venture, throughout which astronauts
made 6 successful landings on the moon. Apollo 13 failed, exploded
when it approached the satellite, but the crew managed to save
yourself and return to the Earth in the moon module. Final month landed
befell on December 11, 1972. The Apollo expeditions totaled 382
kilograms of floor soil samples for the Earth.

An fascinating reality about the first landing of the moon was that it was not
handles the outer surface of the moon module door, so the astronauts Armstrong and
Aldrin, who went to the moon, had to ensure that the door was not
closed and they acquired back to the spacecraft

The identify of the moon program was invented by NASA engineer Abe Silverstein.
Later he stated he invented it, sitting at house and considering of God
Apollo, who flew his sun in his wagon.

NASA Director Jim Brandenstein: "We are flying to the moon to stay on top of it"

Right now,
50 years later, People return to the moon program and give it a reputation
Sister of God, the goddess of the moon – Artemis. This time
US formidable objectives go much further than landing on the moon and getting it
soil samples. It is deliberate to return the astronauts to the satellite
but in addition disassemble them into several elements, together with areas with
by no means supported a human footprint – the southern pole.

Thank you
For the Artemis challenge, NASA plans to ensure a sustainable human presence
Month by 2024 for brand spanking new analysis and discoveries and a strong basis
Building a Month-to-month Financial system with Personal Corporations

In accordance to NASA Director Jim Brandenstein, the final aim is to create a
Moon's spacecraft, which can develop into a launcher in the future
flights to Mars. Initially, the undertaking was created for 10 years, but Donald
Trump set the activity to scale back time by half.

Artemis – Step 1: CLPS

The challenge is organized in several levels. The primary is “Business Delivery
helpful goods to the moon ”(CLPS – Business Lunar Payload Providers).

2018, NASA chosen 9 aerospace corporations to deliver scientific and scientific actions
technical gear for satellite earth. As well as to Grand Lockheed
Martin, the list consists of 8 promising spacecraft, including Firefly

is owned by businessman Max
and a world group of researchers and engineers from the United States
and Ukraine labored on creating boot units. Right now, Firefly
is prepared to provide a light-weight launcher for the area products market
Alpha, with a payload of up to 1 ton, and in 2020 is planning to launch a driver
a mid-range Beta rocket that even produces a solar-powered orbit
4 tons

In June 2019, NASA launched the first three corporations to sign the settlement
contracts for deliveries to the Moon. 4 [19659003] Orbit Past provides $ 97 million in freight. Until September
In 2020, the firm must land on its car in the Sea of ​​Rain, which is situated
I'm dying to the north-west aspect, seen from the ground. Astrobotic Applied sciences
an organization with a $ 80 million contract to deliver 14 cargoes
Lake Kuolemanjärv by July 2021. Intuitive machines are required to land on the ocean
storms with 5 cargoes, costing $ 77 million to NASA

the actual loading list might be made by the end of summer time. It is expected to be
together with navigation gear, local radiation meters and check gear
scientific experiments

is just the first step of the CLPS program. Later, NASA will challenge several
extra provides between selected individuals, which signifies that
other 6 corporations are also discovering work. Intuitive machines are already designing
uses a transport car to ship Firefly Beta goods to the Moon
Remaining exams are accomplished. This was announced
Tom Markusic,
Managing Director of Firefly

our beta startup car and partnership with Intuitive Machines, Firefly
gives a complete vary of monthly providers from the boot disk
On the surface of the Moon. It’s an honor to be a part of forces with NASA to broaden area
information and evokes new era area entrepreneurs. ”

In addition to Max Polyakov and Lockheed's Firefly, Deep Area Methods, Draper, Masten Area Methods, and Moon Categorical compete for the proper to deliver items to the moon. In complete, NASA plans to spend $ 4.2 billion on CLPS. Initially, this amount was less than $ 1.6 billion. But formidable Donald Trump has elevated funding, hoping to accelerate the improvement of the Moon and thus strengthen the US hegemony in area.

Step 2. ”Gateway,”
program to shield the well being of astronauts and lunar breeds

In the subsequent step, Artemis consists of preparatory work
security of astronauts that unload on Moon. It's one man and one
one lady

plans to dismantle astronauts to the south pole of Moon in 2024.
The motion takes place utilizing the lunar station Gateway, which goes
built on the satellite orbit. Beginning from the similar place have to be started
for a future excursion to Mars. The duty is to create a module
"Gateway" has been entrusted to Maxar Technologies. The module can be
to provide station power and communications with the country

moon presence is designed for a very long time, certainly one of the areas
The packages carried out in the Artemis venture are packages designed to shield
astronauts health. April 30, 2019 NASA has completed 12 corporations
provide comprehensive solutions for health and work
astronauts' capability outdoors future long transmissions outdoors of the low ground orbit.
These studies embrace the results of stress and sleep problem on area
mind perform, and immune system responses to simulated microgravity

program helps prepare astronauts for the challenges they face
missions and future trips to Mars.

Several personal corporations are to be involved in the Artemis venture
providing revolutionary solutions in the subject of area exploration
applied sciences vital for the human presence. tasks
selected at the Air Moon Race Moon Race
Protection. The occasion consists of four courses:

  • manufacturing,
  • extraction of raw materials,
  • proliferation of crops on the surface of the moon,
  • reception and accumulation of electricity

Special point out has been made of producing totally different gadgets for the moon
raw materials, moon power provide, water extraction and development
lunar greenhouses

For instance, solar panel know-how that opens up similarly
Blinds can be utilized for occupied missions to Moon and Mars.

final objective – man's fall to the moon that helps him on earth
Once more – carried out in three steps.

1 includes a check flight of a super-heavy trigger SLS that sets a
from the spacecraft to Orion moon orbit.

2 features a SLS Orion flight to a crew on board

Three or Artemis-3 astronauts who land on the Moon and return to orbit
Gateway Station

Firefly Aerospace is the just one
Worldwide member of the Artemis venture

Worldwide Aviation Firm Firefly Aerospace, which participates in Artemis
The challenge is a profitable American-Ukrainian synergy of technical experience
and efficient administration, – Max Polyakov says.

Ukraine was the 5 greatest in area states, so the technical potential remained
excessive technical degree. Since 2018, the Firefly Research Middle has been
work there utterly, plan and check Alpha
Beta rockets and prototypes of the company's first satellites, ”
Polyakov says

two years Firefly of Max Polyakov managed to get permission to launch
US Air Drive Vandenberg Cosmodrome in California to signal contracts
with several corporations to present startup providers particularly
British satellite producer SSTL. All of this has not been missed by NASA
and permit Firefly to participate in Artemis

Max Polyakov: "It's Time to Take a New Step"

Polyakov famous the great significance of the moon's program revival

In December, Firefly is getting ready to launch the Alpha Mild Rocket, which brings
6 Airbus satellites to LEO (low Earth orbit, up to 200 km). Next
flip – the common rocket package deal and occupied spaceship Gamma. As well as, we
plans to build its own distant management satellites and listener. it is
why, Artemis is considered one of the planned but essential packages that we’ve
assets. The small step Armstrong took was a breakthrough
to all mankind. It isn’t time to just come back and repeat success but
Take a brand new step and pave the means for Mars improvement and others
Horizons ”, Max Polyakov comments.