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How the US broke its teeth in another company to defeat Nicolas Maduro – CuencaHighLife

How the US broke its teeth in another company to defeat Nicolas Maduro - CuencaHighLife

US authorities aircraft are being loaded in Colombia.

Alison Bodine

Unfortunate failed "humanitarian aid" to Venezuela on February 23, is the second head of a US government coup attempt. Nicolas Maduro and the Bolivarian Revolutionary Process in Venezuela

Earlier than this present day, the US authorities and their allies, together with Canada, thought that their doll, self-proclaimed "interim president" Juan Guaidó, was nonetheless a chance. The US government made a cautious contribution to placing Guaido along with a cruel and unlawful anti-Venezuelan sanction marketing campaign to drive the Venezuelan individuals to overthrow the democratically elected authorities of President Nicolas Maduro. Nevertheless, they have been badly mistaken. Venezuelan heroic individuals have risen to defend their sovereignty, sovereignty and President Nicolas Maduro. Together, they’ve defeated the imperialist coup attempt

Was humanitarian help ever humanitarian?

The US government and Guaidó, together with major mainstream media, have unfold lies and manipulations from Venezuela and President Maduro to justify their illegitimate and democratic interference. It was notably clear how it constructed the case for the delivery of "humanitarian aid" to Venezuela by 23 February 2019.

A superb place to begin exposing disclosure is to ask – was humanitarian help "humanitarian aid?"

Before "help" was downloaded to US army aircraft and flown to Colombia, it was already a disaster. Help was supposed to be delivered and delivered by USAID (US International Improvement Agency). Each the Pink Cross and the United Nations rejected the US government's humanitarian assist system. The United Nations spokesman reminded journalists in New York, "Humanitarian action must be independent of political, military or other objectives." Little question this was not the case with the USAID supply. "Humanitarian Aid" was not just a skinny upholstery that promoted US-backed President Maduro

Venezuelan President Nicolas Maduro

What about the assertion that President Maduro's government does not accept international help? 19659002] The Venezuelan Ministry of Well being introduced that the Venezuelan Ministry of Health arrived every week before the US government's "aid attempts" to arrive in Venezuela with 64 containers of 933 tons of drugs and medical assist. In February, the Pink Cross additionally elevated its finances to $ 18 million in Venezuela. The United Nations continues to work with the Venezuelan Government to provide food, clothing and providers to the individuals of Venezuela. This consists of $ 9.2 million in well being and vitamin help, requested by the Venezuelan government at the finish of November 2018 to alleviate some of the devastating effects of US sanctions. The Venezuelan Authorities also receives help from the UN World Well being Organization (WHO) and the Pan-European Well being Group (PAHO) for immunization campaigns and illness management. These few examples are simply over 200 tons of "humanitarian aid" that USAID planned to deliver on February 23rd. The argument that President Maduro doesn’t settle for international help can also be meant to demonize President Maduro to overcome US interests

On February 23, the Venezuelan individuals weren’t fooled by the USID humanitarian help system. The US authorities stooge Guaidó did not deliver sufficient supporters to the border to authorize the avalanche he promised. The Venezuelan army stood with the democratically elected authorities of President Maduro and refused to settle for humanitarian assist to the Venezuelan border on the Colombian / Venezuelan border and rejected an identical trick at the Brazilian / Venezuelan border. They recognized "support" for what it was – frightening the US government and their proper-wing allies in Colombia and Venezuela.

What about sanctions?

Missing is just another form of lying. And sure, there is a large neglect of the imperialist rhetoric and the financial reporting of Venezuela and Venezuela. Sanctions

AsAlfred de Zayas, Unbiased Skilled on Democratic and Equal Alternatives for the United Nations, stated in an Empire File Interview (@EmpireFiles):

“An particularly cynical is to cause an economic disaster that threatens to develop into a humanitarian crisis. This has been achieved by the United States by means of monetary repression via sanctions. "

America, Canada, the European Union and the Swiss sanctions are so widespread that even inviting the USAID's" humanitarian aid "band help is an exaggeration. The US authorities offered $ 20 million in assist to Venezuela, while these damaging sanctions plundered the Venezuelan individuals for over $ 30 million a day.

Since 23 January 2019, the US government has additional increased its devastating sanctions to enforce the New Restriction on the imposition of strict sanctions on the state-owned oil company Petróleos de Venezuela, Venezuela, S.A. (PDVSA). As the US government has deliberately deliberate, it will have a serious influence on Venezuelan imports and exports and will continue to help the US dollar's financial progress that Venezuela needs for worldwide commerce.

As well as, the sanctions have allowed the US authorities and allies to steal billions of dollars belonging to Venezuela and which they are making an attempt to direct to the designated "interim president" of Guaido. The stolen money consists of $ 1.2 billion in gold, which the Bank of England refuses to give again to Venezuela, and billions of dollars in income from Citgo-PDSVA's US-based distribution stock.

Even earlier than the PDVSA, sanctions have been imposed, Venezuelan imports had dropped from $ 60 billion a yr in 2013 to $ 12 billion in 2017. At the similar time, the US Treasury Financial Crime Management Network (FINCEN) has also been obliged to oversee all the monetary transactions that the authorities makes in Venezuela. On this method, the United States and their imperialist allies forestall Venezuela from paying for imports, even if they have the funds. For instance, when the Venezuelan government went to buy 300,000 insulin doses, Citibank closed all of its accounts and refused to carry out the transaction.

Is there a world consensus towards President Maduro?

No, there isn’t any "international consensus" towards President Maduro's authorities. Though the US authorities claims to obtain help from 50 nations, it signifies that they don’t have the help of different 143 nations recognized by the United Nations. Most of the world nonetheless stands with the democratically elected authorities of Venezuela and Maduro. Maduro's help consists of virtually the complete African continent except Morocco and the complete Asia-Oceania area, besides Australia. The truth is, there’s not even a consensus in help of a European coup in which Italy, Greece, Norway, Slovakia, Cyprus and Belarus have all refused to be a part of the United States. In Latin America and the Caribbean, the United States Government and Canada even had to create a so-referred to as. The Lima Group, as they might not persuade enough Member States in the Group of American States to help their marketing campaign to overthrow the Presidential Authorities

Only one example of international solidarity with Venezuela, CARICOM, a corporation representing 15 Caribbean states, issued a press release on 25 February. The opinion states that "the Community considers that the solution must be the people of Venezuela and adhere to internationally recognized and accepted principles of interference and interference, respect for sovereignty, the rule of law and respect for human rights and democracy."

President Maduro

When did you last see the footage and movies of tens of hundreds of individuals mobilizing on the streets of Venezuela to help President Maduro? Nevertheless, if there’s one factor that can be proven about the US-led coup d'état in Venezuela, the democratically elected authorities of President Maduro continues to be very fashionable. coup failed as a result of the vast majority of people who reside in Venezuela and helps the authorities needs to defend and can proceed to increase throughout the revolutionary course of Bolivariana 20 years.

What Are These Income? The Bolivarian revolutionary process has led to Venezuelan wealth from the pockets of multinationals and richest Venezuelans to social packages by transferring tens of millions of individuals from extreme poverty. Housing, health care and schooling have benefited significantly. Besides illiteracy and enormous housing (GMVV), which has constructed and delivered 2.5 million houses for the poorest and most marginalized individuals in Venezuela since 2011.

Regardless of the imperialist stranglehold of their financial system and stare at the Venezuelan individuals, Venezuela stays at a high degree in the Human Improvement Index (HDI). Based mostly on 2017 knowledge, the 2018 HDI states that Venezuela has a "high level of human development", bringing the nation from 78 to 189 nations. It signifies that Venezuela has a better HDI, both Brazil and Colombia, that are the key proper-wing allies of the US army

As a result of these properly-established statistics do not match into the misrepresentation of the US authorities, they have been nearly in Venezuela for media reporting. It's a media break. The benefits of the Bolivarian revolutionary course of and the voices of the Venezuelan individuals supporting President Maduro have been silent in the immense media of imperialist governments and their lack

Are the US and Canadian governments frightened about Venezuelan individuals? [19659005] In order to reply to this, there is something that the United States has stated and completed after the failure of humanitarian help on 23 February. On February 25, the US government organized a summit in Colombia to hold pace with the doll Guaido and their attempts to coup. US Vice President Mike Pence was there with Lima nations, together with Canada and 11 Latin American right-wing governments. Though the Lima Group not supported the US army intervention in Venezuela, this summit additionally revealed that the US government and their allies are usually not interested in the "human rights" of the Venezuelan individuals

Canada, Chrystia Freeland replied: "We at the moment are discussing with our partners how an inventory of sanctions may be The Canadian Government's speedy help for US sanctions and aggression towards Venezuela is not any shock. As in the United States, the Canadian government is perhaps much less interested in the human rights of Venezuelan individuals. Take a look at the Twitter accounts of Chrystia Freeland or the US National Security Advisor John Bolton; they’re too comfortable to share the evidence that the Venezuelan individuals are struggling for their punishment and cruelty.

The Canadian government is as as the United States when defeating President Maduro and reversing the victories of the Bolivarian revolutionary process. How else can the Canadian authorities shield the pursuits of Canadian mining and quarrying corporations in Venezuela and all through Latin America? Naturally, the nationalization of a country like Venezuela with its pure assets and the use of these income to construct social providers, moderately than counteract overseas corporations, just isn’t a question.

In help of the US government in this harmful proposal, Juan Guaidó and his coup campaigns supported "responsibility to protect". Lately, "responsibility for protection" was used in the bloody imperialist assault on Haiti in 2004 and in Libya in 2011. The suitable-hand US Senator Marco Rubio truly made a direct link between Venezuela and Libya, when on February 24 he shot a picture of Gadhaf's murder in Venezuela on an extended tweets line

Residents of Haiti, Libya, Syria, Iraq, Afghanistan, Yemen and all different nations The US government has destroyed assaults, sanctions, bombings, and covert and apparent army operations would definitely disagree that the United States would maintain "human rights" s " and 'freedom'.

Construct a liaison with solidarity with Venezuela

No lies in the government of any United States or Canada, and no abuse of media can remove the easy reality Venezuela has endured an enormous imperialist assault and additional defended President Maduro and Bolivarian revolutionary course of.

Nevertheless, this loss doesn’t imply that the US authorities and their allies, including the Canadian authorities, would stop trying to defeat President Maduro's authorities and reverse the achievements of poor, working and oppressed individuals in the final 20 years of the Bolivarian revolutionary process.

As residents of the United States and Canada and all through the world, it’s our obligation to resist the imperialist and Venezuelan sanctions. We’d like to build a stronger and more cohesive business in order that we will face this steady assault. We should proceed to show the world that Venezuela isn’t alone.

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